About Us


Sasy n Savy was established in October 2003 in Sydney Australia.  Sasy n Savy is an Australian owned, manufacturer of Natural Australian Skin Care & Wellbeing products. We offer an extensive range of products for your face, body, hair and general wellbeing.

All of our products contain ingredients that are derived from 100% Natural Australian sources and are high in Vitamins, Antioxidants and Nutrients including Kakadu Plum Extract which is the richest form of Vitamin C in the world, Bearberry Leaf Extract which acts as a strong antioxidant and Wild Rosella Flower Extract which is high in natural protein and nutrients. All combined together to stimulate the production of your skin's elasticity and collagen so you look and feel younger. 

There are no harmful chemicals, colours, preservatives or synthetic ingredients. We create products that are safe, effective and gentle, that care for you, your skin and your environment. 

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing high-quality products that are results driven at a price and standard that is beyond expectations” Samea Maakrun – Managing Director.

Our commitment at Sasy n Savy is to ensure each and every valued customer benefits from our extensive range of products.

Our team at Sasy n Savy are passionate and devoted to purity and quality of Australian Natural plants, herbs and flower extracts. We guarantee the purity of our products. We trace our ingredients through all stages of supply, accurately recording the quality and use of every ingredient.

Our commitment extends to ensuring our customer service is friendly and efficient, aiming to meet your needs.
Life has shaped us into who we are today, our mission and inspiration is to find out who will we be tomorrow.

Sasy n Savy Philosophy:
life to the fullest
for greatness
Feel good
about who they are and
you to take control of their lives