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Everything You Need to Know About Kakadu Plum in Skincare

Kakadu plum growing on a bush.

Kakadu Plum, also commonly known as Billygoat plum, Terminalia Ferdinandiana, Gubinge, and green plum, is a plant that blooms flowers and is native to Northern Australia.

The fruit is commonly eaten fresh, ripe, and as soon as it falls from the tree. It is yellow-green in color, and has a smooth texture. It tastes like a concoction of apple and pear, with hints of floral.

What is Terminalia Ferdinandiana?
Terminalia Ferdinandiana is a type of fruit found abundantly in Australia. It tastes sour and leaves a lingering taste behind. It is great for jam, sauces, and relishes. Terminalia Ferdinandiana – has white flowers nested at the tip of the branches. The Aboriginals have used it for centuries to cure colds, flu, and headaches. In fact, this organic fruit has also been used as an antiseptic or as a balm to soothe any pain in the limbs.

Why use Kakadu Plum in skincare?
There is a new, rare superfruit in the market that is becoming an increasing part of clean beauty because of the number of benefits it has, especially in natural skincare. Studies show this Plum can hold up to 6 percent of its weight in vitamin C. This means it has the highest vitamin C content, making it a superfood that is great for the immune system.
Since the human body cannot make its own vitamin C, it is dependent on external sources. Moreover, Kakadu Plum has 6 times the amount of polyphenols and 13.3 times more antioxidants than blueberries.
What are the benefits of Kakadu Plum for your skin?

Kakadu Plum is rich in vitamin C. However, it does not always have to be ingested for benefits to be seen. Kakadu Plum can also be used on the skin as it stimulates collagen production and helps neutralize free radicals. This means you can now fight off photoaging and environmental damage, and use Kakadu Plum to maintain your glow.
If you’re a skincare freak, you already know how important balanced and stabilized vitamin C serums are in your skincare routine.

Terminalia Ferdinandiana is a brilliant source of gallic and ellagic acid. These ingredients are known to heal damaged skin and lower the breakdown of collagen. Terminalia Ferdinandiana have a higher composition of ellagic acid than berries. This means that they are loaded with compounds that lower skin inflammation. Inflammation is our skin’s natural response to UV-light. These are also brilliant for sensitive skin types and can be used to heal skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema.

As an antioxidant, Kakadu Plum keeps unstable molecules- also known as free radicals- in check. Too many free radicals in the body can be harmful, leading to oxidative stress, which eventually becomes responsible for fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and dull skin. Kakadu Plum is an anti-aging product used in natural skincare. The high levels of vitamin C present also help smooth and even out skin tone. Vitamin C is known to decrease the production of melanin- the pigment responsible for dark marks. This means that Kakadu Plum can also help fade dark spots and bring a natural glow to the skin.

Why not just eat it instead?
Kakadu Plum has been consumed orally for more than 40,000 years as a fruit. In fact, this 100 percent natural, versatile fruit has been used in a variety of dishes, from sorbets, chutneys, jams, sauces, and even purees. In the past, it was famous for its medicinal properties. The inner bark of the tree was used to heal skin problems and sores.
Of course, Kakadu Plum is a citric fruit, which means that it has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial qualities. The truth is that Kakadu plum is known to have 50 times more vitamin C than oranges. Can you imagine how great that is for your immune system? Kakadu Plum is also used as a preservative to increase the shelf life of products, such as prawns.

How to use Kakadu Plum in Your Skincare Routine
Some vitamin C serums and creams that you find in the market use subpar ingredients and only contain traces of the actual vitamin. Your skin needs more! To get the full benefits of Terminalia Ferdinandiana, try to incorporate it into your skincare regimen. Look for anti-aging or brightening serums that are naturally derived with stabilized forms of vitamin C, and contain Terminalia Ferdinandiana as the active ingredient. The ideal formulation will combine botanical benefits with Kakadu’s Plum healing and rejuvenating magic.
Any Kakadu Plum serum will help increase cell regeneration, helping you brighten and even out your skin tone!

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7 Common Skincare Concerns & how to tackle them

A woman examining her skin

Taking care of the skin requires effort, precision, and a whole lot of patience. Skincare products that may have worked well for years may suddenly result in acne, skin sensitivity, and dullness. Changing up your skincare routine as you age is essential.

Here are some of the most common skin concerns that may be causing you to pull your hair out lately:

Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin is a skin condition that is caused by external conditions, such as weather changes, unhealthy diet plans, and lifestyle. These factors reduce the skin’s water content, making it appear less hydrated.

Dehydrated skin occurs due to a lack of water- not oil. This means that oily skin can be dehydrated as well. Signs of dehydrated skin include itchiness, increased skin sensitivity, dull skin, and visible fine lines and wrinkles.

To fix dehydrated skin, start off by using a gentle cleanser that is free of harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances as these can strip the skin of its natural moisture and increase sensitivity. To boost hydration and replenish moisture, use a cleanser that is rich in antioxidants. This will help protect the skin from environmental stressors and protect and support the skin’s natural cell structure. A vitamin enriched serum is another wonderful inclusion to a skin routine as it allows the skin to retain valuable nutrients that encourage moisture, allowing the skin to remain soft. Lastly, lay off caffeine and alcohol, and try not to overstimulate the skin.

Dry Skin

Dry skin, unlike dehydrated skin, is a skin type that is caused due to a lack of natural oils produced by the skin. In most cases, dry skin is genetic. It can be a symptom of hormonal imbalances or an underactive thyroid. These may interfere with the skin’s sebum production, giving skin complexion a dull or dry appearance.

To combat dry skin, start a skin routine with a gentle exfoliant. A cream-based exfoliant provides hydration will removing dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. Hydrating skincare products are extremely important for dry skin. To help the skin retain moisture, look for oil-infused natural skincare products that contain vitamins and nutrients. Essential oils provide botanical benefits that support skin sensitivities.

Face Redness

Applying skincare or makeup on uneven, red skin can result more irritations. Your skin may be sensitive to a certain ingredient, you may have over exfoliated, eczema flare-ups may be a common occurrence, or you may have a mild case of rosacea- whatever the reason, it is important to soothe and treat inflammation.

Ensure that your skincare routine consists of gentle ingredients that do not contain fragrance as these can irritate the skin and upset the skin’s natural pH balance. Steer clear of skincare products with harsh chemicals thay may provide additional irritation. Read your skincare labels and identify any potential triggers to your skin. Make sure to always patch test your products to ensure that they are clean. Clean beauty refers to a skincare movement that identifies transparency in the manufacturing of skincare products. If you’re not sure, approach your skin care consultant or provider with any questions you may have in relation to a particular product and how it is made.

Dull Skin

When dead skin cells form on the outer layers of the skin, tired, dull, flaky, and dry skin are more visible. Dull skin can occur because of dehydration, lack of moisture, the buildup of dead skin cells, dryness, alcohol or tobacco usage, and aging.

Dull skin can also be age-related. With age, fine lines and wrinkles start to become more visible. Hence, it is essential to introduce some anti-aging products into your skincare routine that will stimulate collagen production. Moreover, use hydrating face masks thrice a week that contain nourishing properties such as Jojoba oil or Aloe Vera in their formulation as these will provide gentle relief while restoring lost moisture to the skin. Start incorporating a day cream and night cream with skin-renewing actives to balance your skin and maintain suppleness.

Oily Skin

When the sebaceous glands start to overproduce oil, you may find your skin more prone to breakouts or  acne. This could be a result of hormones, changes in the skincare routine, or underlying conditions such as rosacea. Of course, environmental changes play a big part in the appearance of your skin. Including a toner in your skincare routine helps to lift dirt or grime on the skin. Use a purifying toner to balance your skin pH. A foaming cleanser is best to eliminate excess oil and clean pores.

Dark Circles

Many people believe that dark circles occur due to the lack of a good sleep routine. While this is true, it is not the only reason. Dark circles become common with age. As you grow older, the skin underneath your eyes becomes thinner. To combat this, opt for a collagen-supporting eye cream to maintain the skin’s elasticity. Rosehip oil and Rose geranium oil are particularly suitable around the eye area.

Eye strain and allergies can also cause dark circles as the blood vessels around the eyes enlarge and become more visible underneath the skin. Dehydration, sun exposure, and genetics also play a huge role in causing dark circles. Eye creams add an additional layer of protection to the delicate eye area which can become over compensated with heavier day creams used on the rest of the face.


Pigmentation leads to the discoloration of the skin, causing it to darken. In fact, age spots are also a common sign of hyperpigmentation, where patches of skin become darker than the surrounding skin. Some people might experience pigmentation at an early age, while for others, it occurs later in life due to sun damage, acne, age, genetics, or hormonal changes.

Thankfully, pigmentation is not dangerous, and with proper treatment, you can get rid of those troubling patches on the skin. Try introducing a mild whitening serums to your skincare routine. Enriched with antioxidants, they brighten skin tone and improve uneven skin texture.

Always check with your skincare consultant if you have any specific skin care

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