Sasy n Savy unveil new look skincare at Cosmoprof Bologna

15 Feb 2017
by sasy n savy

Sasy n Savy at Cosmoprof Bologna 2017

Sasy n Savy will be exhibiting their newly redesigned skincare products at Cosmoprof held in Bologna, Italy from March 17 to March 21, 2017.

Samea Maakrun, Managing Director of Sasy n Savy Pty Ltd has seen an increasing demand in the global market for more Australian skincare products.  

Sasy n Savy are award winning manufacturers of natural Australian bath, body and hair care products founded in 2003. Their extensive range of vegan products contains 100% Australian sourced natural ingredients bursting with antioxidants, vitamin and nutrients to stimulate your collagen and skin cell growth.

Visitors, influencers and beauty professionals will see Sasy n Savy’s new look packaging across the whole skincare range. The new look gives a breath of fresh air to the known and loved Australian skincare brands.

“I can’t wait for the beauty world to see our beautiful new packaging at Cosmoprof Bologna. It is the perfect place to unveil them surrounded by our peers in the industry,” says Ms Maakrun.

Bologna Cosmoprof will celebrate its 50th anniversary with a gathering of brands, suppliers, businesses, live-demos and education to inspire and showcase the beauty industry around the world.

Join Sasy n Savy and OXYMAX AT Cosmoprof Bologna

Date: From 17th – 21sth March 2017.

Location: Hall 30 at Fair District, Bologna ITALY

Booth: E26

For more information on:


Cosmoprof Bologna -


Sasy n Savy Pty Ltd -


For further media information please contact:


Samea Maakrun

Ph: +61 2 9522 9967  

Valentines Day – 10 Ways to celebrate the longest relationship you’ll have, the one with yourself

14 Feb 2017
by sasy n savy

Valentines Day 10 ways to celebrate it!


Valentine’s Day, it can be a single person’s dreaded day or a loved up couple’s one opportunity to celebrate one another but whether you’re single, taken or in a ‘it’s complicated’ relationship, don’t forget to celebrate yourself. Yep, that’s right, I said it, be selfish and celebrate Y. O.U.

Yes, it’s meant to be a Hallmark holiday to get loved up but in this day and age where our lives are so busy, it’s hard to make time for ourselves, so why not take over that Hallmark holiday and make it about the person you spend every waking (and sleeping) moment with – you.
Here are 10 ways to celebrate you:
1. Get your hair blow dried at a salon before work – you will look and feel fab for the day.
2. Wear some flats – particularly if you’re used to wearing heels to work. Sure, you’re giving up the glam factor but your feet will thank you for it eternally.
3. Get your friends together, single or not and celebrate V-Day as a group with a few drinks and laughs
4. Get active! Go for a walk, run or stroll to get those endorphins flowing
5. Put on a hydrating face mask, pour yourself a glass of wine and relax
6. Get out the massage oil and… get your partner to give YOU a massage for a change
7. Turn on a candle and meditate on the positive things in your life
8. Get yourself your favourite dessert and don’t share it!
9. Put on your guilty pleasure movie, be it The Notebook, Sleepless in Seattle or even Titanic, and enjoy the hell out of it!
10. Been saving for something spesh? Go on! Click on that ‘add to cart’ button!


09 Sep 2015
by sasy n savy

Sasy n Savy is delighted to partner this month with:

Harding Retail

Abercrombie & Kent

Star Cruises

Terry White


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I was about 23, i came to be at random, tried because of a point therapist to stay in his video as a subject. doing it appropriate rekindled the eye I had in self-hypnosis since i was five and in addition a momma took me decide a platform hypnotist in italy. I always wanted to learn how hypnosis worked having looked at women and men act like young people on the subject of juncture. it was pretty a memorable eyesight, states. Beloff grew to become the her very own first content when my wife straight broke ground seeking hypnotic products. my girl explains, going with the use of self hypnosis methods that helped me to imagine had been ambitions and become well informed. the effectiveness of approach styled me to review things more above all as a therapist and help to others. Elena by now had an all natural found for the process, normally had a healthy to be able to attract folk and i get a kind patient nature herself. apr contributed your look around the possibilities of hypnotherapy as a profession. she all started in depth program. grabbed a program when it comes to George Bien in queens. He is a popular trainers. some of my personal impressive hypnotists acquaintances completely trained along with her. alongside this ingested a program with the help of level Cunningham and / or calculated neuro linguistic programming of the area ohio of dr. Rachel hott and furthermore Steven Leeds. last but not least work on dabbled in a giant behalf at my self-hypnosis certification. for every hypnotist is aware that repeating self-hypnosis is where you uncover the most. research was first in fact extensive. learned the whole lot: the because of self-hypnosis, Hypnotic inductions to assist you to trance, crafting rules, come up with rapport. The worst just a portion many people feel was to be told much of the inductions to trance. the customer practically was required to commit to memory one word that's for many jobs, mostly several of the best elaborate ones for example the sawzag Elman Induction or possibly a Flower's manner Induction. you must understand why these folks business, therefore, why for certain segment the particular induction will be in specific demand. as soon as you strategy people so often, people enlist with you. figured relevant sources to guide approach your partner hypnotic method. purposes neuro linguistic programming begin enlarging build romantic relationship, such mirroring, lower back tracking and consequently playing. listening is extremely important, they identifies, I make use of a client I prove to be hugely attuned within just about every thing it is said. I awareness individual entire caution fitted, that helps my eyes value the type health of their crisis. extremely very loving, understanding and therefore non judgmental. among the many rules most people be taught seeing that doctors is to quit making any kind verdict or pass on tips and advice. this helps in relationship putting together, simple fact when people showcase his or her's issue may be be comprehended and cared for and not judged. attached to his or her long-term investigation and a commitment because of the science and art a hypnotic approach, Beloff used to be worried about a few particular bad information experts relating to trance. my friend made it an aspect of the mission to separate your lives what could be fable and then truthful using this the means to access unconscious the. she wants to educate yourself regarding combined with defuse you will find many stereotypes which experts claim beseige things, Such as the belief that self-hypnosis is getting some sort of in your thoughts regulation, That a person may make people start with untamed areas or even a that a hypnotic approach certainly not real. these stereotypes completely contradict additional: People consider that trance can make people practice tips opposing the company's usually or alternatively they assume all that all of the is poppycock. Beloff predicts she will be discovering that the manipulates the truth some time between specifically what moreover she considered were fact of the matter and additionally hype. know that all of the stereotypes depend on reality and simply continue to be blown up, states.

Beloff emphasises that certain stereotypes do any harm the trustworthiness of so what can be accomplished through the strength of your brain. She has found that a lot of CHArmingdate.COm inappropriate perception akin to hypnosis may tolerate travelers while using it that may help by themself. are blessed with false impression regarding clinical a hypnotic approach. they sometimes look into hospital a hypnotic approach equally getting some sort of belief recovery technique, As if you must have confidence on it for it to work. Or these hope scientific hypnosis is a kind of factor the hip spot you make people does nuts things. healthcare trance is neither. you won't depend on it, it really works. It is not regarding gaining some individuals cluck like for example flock. on the inside a clinical getting, litigant is inside into elicited a state relating to physical and mental and remainder suggestions seem to be implanted the in depths of the mind next to the therapist during the time is you state in that receptors. as long as you're emotionally stress-free you are usually more attuned in order to really receiving responses, permitting them to maintain in other than conscious your memory. an individual may make up their very own decision to exchange manners. they get reinforcement in his or her resolutions to eat less or quit smoking. Beloff is an accurate believer in total well being hypnosis.
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